Top 10 Facts About The Boston Celtics

Welcome to all latest video on the top 10 facts about the Boston Celtics One the most iconic teens in NBA history for over 70 years the Celtics have been a domestic force in the league with a long list of legendary players and coaches in this article we will talk a deep dive into the fascinating history and culture of the Celtics and covering some surprising and listen known facts along the way from there early years in 1940s and 50s to their most recent championship run we will explode the moment players and strategies that have made the Celtics one of the most beloved teams in the NBA.

Boston Celtics logo

The club was founded in 1946. Boston Celtics founded by Walter A. Brown on June 6 1946 01 of the original 8 teams of the basketball association of America despite qualifying for the playoffs in 1948 the Celtics lost to the Chicago stags 4-2-1 the following year the team fail to make it to the playoffs after finishing fifth in the eastern division however on August 3rd 1949 the Celtics join the national basketball association after the merger of the baa and NBA.

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